Status Update

We’re pretty much dead as a scanlation group right now, but our IRC channel is always active so stop by if you feel like it. However, we’ll resume scanlation if we can get any translators to join us, so please apply if you are one.


Ooku Chakapon! Chapter 3

>mfw finals

>mfw finals

And here’s chapter 3, released only 2 months after the previous chapter… Our translator Carrackcurra has been busy with classes so future releases might continue to be slow. We are currently recruiting Japanese translators and 1 typesetter to help speed up releases, so if you’re interested, drop by our web chat or send me an email. School is suffering…

Also, happy Easter/420 for those who celebrate them!

Mediafire: Chapter 3
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Ooku Chakapon! Chapter 2

ImageWelcome aboard Yukikaze Scans! Our first release is from Ooku Chakapon!, a tale about the crazy adventures of the shogun’s harem. This is chapter 2, but we’ll be doing a re-release of Bakusaiga’s chapter 1 updated with the tank raws. We’re currently recruiting Japanese translators for some upcoming secret projects, but even if you aren’t one, feel free to join us on our IRC channel for a chat.

This here is our namesake mascot, the unsinkable destroyer Yukikaze, which means “Snowy Wind”. Hope you enjoy the release!

Mediafire: Chapter 2
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